Platonic Intimacy

Platonic intimacy is defined as the act of making yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically vulnerable to others.  It’s our practice, our profession and our passion.

“I have never felt so unconditionally loved.”

"It was an real incredible experience for me. The quality of attention, affection and safety I felt was beyond belief. Thanks for making the experience an unforgettable one. I will be back."
Serena Fields

Platonic Touch/Cuddling

Our cornerstone service. Simply deep attention, affection and conscious touch. A safe and loving space to be valued.      “Only Love Heals”

Somatic Bodywork & Reiki

Somatic bodywork & Reiki describes our forms of working through the body (rather than on or with the body) to (re)discover who we are and to cultivate ways of being and ways of showing up that serve our goals and needs today. By working through the body, we can tap into the wisdom of the body to learn to embody the values and qualities we think important. 

Our Team

In a world too often in a hurry, too often superficial, we are here to nurture to heal and love. Our dedicated team will help you feel whole, connected, refreshed and sacred. 

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A Rare & Unique Experience

The best way to experience our services is to visit  our space. One on one, person to person connection is how we work. Intimate, meaningful and sacred. 

  • 4608 South Grand Blvd. St. Louis MO 63111
  • love@sacredtouchstl.com
  • (314) 250-6088

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