Passion Unexpressed

Unexpressed Passion Becomes Pain

Lately, I’ve been feeling all kinds of joy and passion and I’ve used no proper outlet to express them fully, which created all sorts of energetic blocks in me.

Then I heard a voice say, “Joy needs to be expressed and released just as much as pain.”

It was such a revelation for me!

For years, I’ve focused on releasing old pains in order to heal, but never realized that in order for true healing to take place, we must also allow room for our joys to flow through us and be expressed out loud.

Do you ever get the feeling of wanting to share really good news about your life to people, but you feel it won’t be well received or received in the way you want it to be?

Almost as though you feel some people not being fully happy for you even though they say they are?

Well, for those reasons, I’ve been refraining myself from fully expressing my joys.

I’ve had no proper outlet to release all these spectacular feelings that are dancing inside me, all these new feelings that have brought so much growth, both emotionally and spiritually, not to mention how healing they have been.

The voice continued, “Use your feelings and channel them creatively.”

I shared what I’ve been feeling to someone really dear to me, and he quickly replied, “Unexpressed passion becomes pain.”

And I was like, “YES!”

He couldn’t have been more right!

Passion shows up in our lives in many different forms. Passion can be happy emotions, such as joy, love, excitement, or it can be “negative” emotions, such as sadness or anger.

BUT passion is also tied to creativity, to feelings of fulfillment.

Passion can be any kind of energy that wishes to flow through us, and whenever we block or refrain ourselves from expressing ANY kind of passion, any kind of feeling, we experience emotional or even physical pain.

Energy needs to continuously flow, move and change, and if we stay in one place for too long, we create stagnancy, and in becoming stagnant we cause ourselves pain.

As spiritual beings and even as human beings, we are meant to continuously move and grow to experience all that life has to offer. When we stop moving or when we stop growing, we become detached from the source of life.

Even still waters have a world beneath, endlessly moving, changing and becoming.

Nothing ever remains still.

If our souls feel the need for creativity, we must allow ourselves to be creative and express it in whatever way we wish to.

If our hearts feel the need for love, we must allow ourselves to feel love, to express our love, to give love, to share love.

Any form of passion that desires to flow within us must have the space to do so.

So you might ask yourself, “How do I move past stagnancy? How can I prevent it?”

My answer: allow your emotions and feelings to move through you and find a proper outlet to express them, whether that is acting on your feelings, sharing your feelings to someone trustworthy who will hold a safe space for you and listen, or use the energy building inside you and channel it creatively. Embodied actions like dancing, singing, screaming or sex are always the quickest ways to express extreme emotion.

By doing so, you allow the energy that wishes to come through you to express itself out into the world, to take form and become something tangible.

Our feelings have a life of their own. They continuously want to express, and ultimately BE and manifest themselves into our physical reality.

Our feelings, our passions, our dreams, use us as vessels to be born into the world.

But the most important thing to remember as you allow feelings to move through you is to rid yourself of judgment.

The more you judge yourself for feeling the things you feel, the more of an energetic blockage you create.

I often say allow life to move through you, this includes all forms of life, your feelings and emotions being part of it.

The more we resist our feelings, the harder life becomes, ultimately causing us a myriad of unnecessary pain.

The longer you hold on to a job you hate or a relationship you know you are meant to leave, or stop yourself from diving into your passions and your dreams, the more challenges life will throw your way.

If you feel passionate towards someone, towards a project, towards a dream, for the love of God express it!

Put it out there!

Express your joys, express your love, and allow all forms of passion to flow through you effortlessly.

Pain is obviously something we cannot run away from, because even pain has its purpose, but once its purpose has been played out, there is NO reason for us to live in pain.

There is no reason why we need to suffer endlessly.

Learn your lessons from pain, but also give yourself the space to be happy.

For years, I would feel guilty when I felt happy, because I knew the people around me were not. In feeling their suffering, I never gave myself full permission to be happy and free.

That guilt is something I no longer want to carry.

And you shouldn’t either!

Never feel guilty for the things you feel or judge yourself for them, especially when it comes to good things about your life.

Rejoice in them! And share them with people who will ALSO rejoice in your joys, in your successes.

NEVERTHELESS, don’t judge others or be hard on them for not being able to be happy for you. Have compassion for them, because deep down, they feel envious or resentful, because they wish they can feel the same kind of love, passion and joy that you feel in your life.

Give them love and compassion, but also don’t stop yourself from living the life you want.

Be an example for others by living in your joys, be a way-shower, be the light that others so desperately seek within themselves.



3 thoughts on “Passion Unexpressed”

  1. Beautifully expressed, and I couldn’t agree more. But my experience is that other people a) put us in a box wherein they cannot see our real passions, and b) it is hard to find ‘encouragers’ out there.

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