Snuggling FAQ’S

Frequently Asked Questions.
Please reply below if we haven't answered yours.

Q.What is your cancellation policy?

A.Cancellations with 24 hours notice can be rescheduled without a fee. For cancellations with less than 8 hours advance notice a fee of $30.00 will added to your next visit. For cancellations without notice, clients will be required to prepay online through our website to schedule further appointments.

Q. Do I need to stay dressed at all times?
A. Yes. Nudity is strictly prohibited.
Q. What can I wear?
A. Wear something comfortable. Pajamas or shorts(not boxers) and a T shirt are a good example. You may change in the bathroom prior to your session. Proper personal hygiene is also required. Colognes, perfumes and body sprays are not recommended. Breath mints or mouthwashes are available for sessions.
Q. Why are there rules?
A. The rules are there to permit the snuggler and the client to feel safe and comfortable, which are essential for your enjoyment.
Q. Is there any happy ending?
A. No. We are very strict on the “No sexual activity policy.” There are plenty of other places you can get sexual services. Sacred Touch STL offers intimacy without the act of sex. There is no touching in the areas that would be covered by a bathing suit.
Q. Do you do outcalls?
A. Outcalls are available only for established or clients with disabilities.
Q. Can I get an appointment today?
A. 24 hour advance notice is preferred as our Snugglers are "on call". Sometimes same day appointments can be arranged.
Q. Do I need to pay for my session first?
A. Yes, payment is required prior to a session. You may pay online or in person prior to your session.
Q. Do I get a refund if I cancel my appointment.
A. A 24 hour notice is required for a refund for a canceled appointment.
Q. Can we meet before we cuddle?
A. Your snuggler will take 5-10 minutes to review our policies with you and sign the Client’s Agreement. If you don’t feel comfortable with your snuggler you can cancel the cuddling session with a complete refund.
Q. What if I become aroused during the cuddling session?
A. Don’t worry, it happens! Although sexual activity is not permitted, arousal is normal and should not make anyone feel uncomfortable. However, getting aroused on purpose will trigger a warning (described in the Client’s Agreement).
Q. Can I talk during the cuddling session?
A. Yes, talking or not is completely up to you. However, silence will allow the you to focus on the snuggler’s touch and fully appreciate the cuddling session.
Q. Is this service confidential?
A. Your privacy is extremely important to us. What the client said in their session, their identity and their personal information stay confidential unless safety is compromised. The filmed sessions for safety purposes are transferred on a separate hard drive.
Q. Can the snuggler give me advice?
A. Yes, they can as a person, NOT as a professional.
Q. Are cuddling sessions therapy?
A. Not in the clinical (professional) sense. You will most probably feel better psychologically and physically. Snuggling and being comforted are both soothing, however, they are not meant to resolve major problems. To address more serious or long-term problems, you may prefer consulting the a therapist.
Q. Do I have to tip?
A. Tips are more than welcomed. Cuddling is a service more engaging than going to a restaurant. However, Snugglers often prefer another session with you or a good referral over tips.
Q. Is anyone welcome to become a client?
A. Mostly! In some circumstances, usually medical, client's may not be accepted. Unless specified, the snugglers are opened to cuddle with all genders and sexual orientation. We want both snugglers and clients to feel comfortable. If you are not accepted as a client, you will be fully reimbursed.
Q. Do we have to stick to the service that we paid?
A. It is possible to change the time you paid for.
Q. Can we have a drink?
A. The snuggler will have the right to refuse any client they believe to be intoxicated or chemically impaired.
Q. How did you set the prices?
A. The service we provide is a demanding service. Cuddling is more intimate than a massage. Comforting is taxing emotionally. While it is true that massage therapists or psychologists go through university to get their skills, Snugglers need to naturally possess the rare skills of being able to genuinely care for all human beings and being able to transmit this affection.
Q. May I ask the Snuggler out on a date?
A. You may ask once. We understand that feelings may develop between the Snuggler and the client. However, asking more than once will put the snuggler in a difficult situation and is disrespectful. Repeated requests will be met with a warning.
Q. Do you have any training?
A. Our Snugglers receive training which includes: 1. ethics and professionalism, 2. platonic touch skills 3. dealing with people in crisis and self-defense.
There is no formal training that is more than 2 years old since cuddling is a new service. Beware of people who are claiming they are gurus or that they received professional accreditation. The title does not mean that they are good nor bad. The main skills of a Snuggler are their personal skills such as being caring and compassionate, which are hard to learn. This is why the Sacred Touch STL selects naturally great Snugglers and refines them with training. Our policy of satisfaction guarantee or money back is to ensure that all of our Snugglers are great.
Q. Is filming necessary? Doesn't it infringe on my privacy?
A. While the well-being of the client is the our goal, the safety is paramount. Filming the session protects everyone against false allegation. Currently, the law against prostitution allows the arrest of clients and we want to protect you from these allegations as well. We know our services are legal and needed, but we understand some people may have suspicions. However confidentiality is also our top concern. This is why the film is NOT transferred via the Internet and stored on a separate hard drive, unless shared privately with the Sacred Touch STL for quality service upon the client’s explicit consent. The filmed session is kept only for two weeks, to wait if any complaints arise.