Have you ever encountered a haunted healing house before? If not, bring your ghoulish selves with all your baggage to our doorstep and we will uplift your Spirit!I
Through Massage, Cuddling, Reiki, Energy Healing and Tarot we will change your attitude and increase your Frequency!
Stay present in the afterglow for the conscious dance experience and a sweet, yummy cuddle puddle!
We will have 5 stations for you to move through. You can choose to do 1, 3 or all 5 healing modalities. See below for different options.
Our Practitioners are hand selected and come to you with amazing talents on many levels and with many years of expertise!
Jeff RundquIst: Offering In Depth Tarot through Kenders Cards. Ask the cards for guidance on Love, Life, Money and Career. Let Jeff unlock the Skeletons in your closet so that you can have ,do and be all you ever dreamed.
Rose Piel: Offering Therapeutic Massage . Rose will be offering blissful and relaxing swedish massage that will chase away all your demons.
Ryan Wheeler: Offering Reiki Attunement sessions. Ryan will get your life force energies charged up so you don’t turn into winter zombie.
Leianna Love-Offering Psychic Energy Healing and leading the Conscious Dance Experience.
She is the Founder and Owner of Sacred Grounds School of Tantra and has been working as Energy healer/Tantra Teacher for almost 15 years, prior to this chapter of her life she practiced as a licensed Psychotherapist. She knows bodies, energy and pleasure! She is also the Author of Dance the Self Free & Live Your Best Life. A sweet book we will have on sale as well as we explore the conscious dance experience before we cuddle together as a sweet puppy pile.
Cuddle Sessions provided by Sacred Touch StL.: Find out first hand what the recent cuddling crave is all about. A cuddle session with one of the cuddle professionals will melt all your fears like a soft warm blanket.
Your Ticket Options are as Follows:
1 – 30 min session ( your choice) $25 – Afterglow party add $15
3 – 30 min sessions (your choice) $68 -Afterglow Party add $15
5 – 30 min sessions (best option) $109 Afterglow – Free!
There will be a Social Gathering Space to hang and be with snacks and beverages if you are not in a session with a practitioner.
We Invite Your Whole Haunted Selves to come play with us as we finish the wonderful season of All Hallows Eve moving into the Winter Solstice.

Purchase your tickets here or at the door.

Session Packages

1 30 Min Session

3 30 Min Sessions

5 30 Min Sessions

Afterglow Party