Our Team is built with Love


Kayla is a master of platonic touch and her embrace is truly transforming. She believes passionately in the restorative power of human touch and has the inherent ability to comfort, relieve and instill a sense of communion almost instantly. With dedicated attention and strict confidence she will hear you. You can trust her with your thoughts, she does not judge, advise or teach. She will create a space in which you can reveal yourself fully and safely. A truly rare space in this culture. Allow her to hold you, to caress you and feel yourself to slip into her warm unconditional embrace. A stylist and student of the esoteric, she enjoys dancing and exploring nature.

Rose is fun-loving and health conscious. As a social worker for the developmentally disabled, she tirelessly advocates for the unseen and the untouchable. Her compassion is coupled with a joyous spirit. She is a Reiki certified healer and a superlative snuggler. Her embrace is nurturing, sensual and kind. She loves traveling, walking, yoga and meeting new and interesting people. An attunement or snuggle session with Rose will leave you relaxed, fulfilled and satisfied.

Brandy is a joy to cuddle with.  She is naturally happy and it is contagious.  Brandy is very open and accepting of all people and displays a compassionate caring for all.  She is into cosplay and costuming. Every week she has a different look. She loves Sci-fy and all things fantasy.  She is well read and can talk about so much for a woman so young. You will feel like you have a new best friend in just a few minutes. Book an appointment with Brandy and surely you will be surprised.

Jeff was a mental health clinician for over two decades and is currently a transpersonal coach and Tarot reader. The transpersonal dimension acknowledges the person as a multifaceted being (mind, body, spirit, soul). Transpersonal coaching in action invites creative, dynamic, courageous and transformational growth to emerge within the client. He is a master level certified Rieki practitioner and the principle trainer for platonic touch team members. His confidence in the healing and restorative effects of touch and energy therapies is firmly rooted in experience. His embrace is mysterious, revealing and loving. His attention is deep and liberating. He enjoys hiking, travel and you will usually find him outdoors.

Tim is a kind and gentle young man. He has a natural gift of making you feel safe and loved. You will trust him instantly. His touch is strong but not heavy. His energy is light and fun-loving. His smile will disarm you. You will feel protected and engaged simultaneously. You will want to laugh with him, to share with him, he loves to talk with people. He loves singing and gaming, he's curious and inquisitive. He is openly and happily gay, he will cuddle with either sex comfortably. Allow him to hold you, feel the deep attention that he is able to give.

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