Ryan's Page

“Life is busy.  Way too busy.  We’re not eating right and exercise is becoming a joke to most of us.  If we can barely take care of our physical bodies, imagine the havoc we’re doing to our spiritual bodies!  Yes we all emit energy – some stronger than others.  Why is that?  Refocusing our attention to this life force energy that flows through each of us will tremendously have an effect on our physicality and mentality, making for a more fulfilling and joyful life!

Ryan offers an embodied approach to reiki. Having experienced this mundane, hectic and stressful work life for over 25+ years he is all too familiar with what his clients need in a healing reiki session. 

As a marathon runner, Ryan understands the brutal beating the body receives when training or with other athletic injuries.  He offers what he likes to call “The Reiki Edge” to assist in the healing process of pain or injury.     

Ryan comes to Sacred Touch as a certified Reiki Practitioner to offer reiki sessions in a practical yet spiritual setting.  He’s not going to talk above you or make you feel uncomfortable; his desire is only to make your reiki experience one of healing, comfort, nourishment and growth.   With a bachelor’s degree and currently taking classes to be a license massage therapist; Ryan is ready to offer you energy healing through the ancient art of reiki.”